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Falling Elevator Dream - Dream Stories

Share Your Story: Dreams, Their Meanings and Messages

By Echo0

Type of Dream I Had

I have recurrent dreams of being in situations where I am in danger of falling; though I never DO fall, the dreams can be just terrifying.

There are two situations. The first is that I'm in an elevator with a central pillar, and the floor suddenly begins to peel away from the edges and turns rubbery. Everyone in the elevator (including me) begins screaming and trying to hold onto the pillar.

The other is that I have to go up or down staircases that twist and turn, often in narrow spaces. Often there are large gaps where I MUST jump up, down or across to reach the next area. These dreams can go on forever.

What My Dream Meant to Me

The elevator dream, I suppose, represents insecurity, which has always been a problem for me. These dreams are short and so frightening they often wake me up.

The staircase dreams began long ago when I was small child. I would dream of going down my grandmother's steep wooden back steps and slipping through the open back of a step. To this day I have extreme difficulty on stairs with open backs! But I think the dreams with these long, tortuous journeys are about how hard it is to meet my own expectations and goals. They are incredibly detailed.

There often does seem to be some important but usually unspecified place I'm trying to reach. I never give up - but I never get there, either. I'm determined, dogged and, whenever there's a gap, I DO pass it somehow in spite of being really scared.

Lessons Learned

  • I have to laugh at myself on this question, because I don't think I've learned anything from them. If I had, I wouldn't still have them, yet the elevator dream comes about once every year or and the madhouse stairs dream 2-4 times a year.

Phylameana lila Desy, About.com Holistic Healing, says:

Hey Echo, I've had elevator dreams for years... it's crazy how often I have them! They usually land me onto the wrong floor (misdirection) or crash downwards instead of uplifting me (disappointment).

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