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Dreaming of Snakes Every Week

Share Your Story: Dreams, Their Meanings and Messages

By Danielle

Type of Dream I Had

Snakes big and baby

What My Dream Meant to Me

About a month ago there was a snake in my kitchen so my son and I grabbed our two small dogs and kinda ran outside and got my landlord's employer who works on a job site in front of my house at the shop. He immediately came over and proceeded to look for the snake but snake was no where to be found so my son and I and dogs returned home and have not seen snake again.

Well this last week I have been dreaming of snakes every night but they never hurt anyone in my dream. I'm not sure what it means but it does give question are there snake living in my house or under or somewhere. In one dream I took a knife and tried to slice baby snake in half but did not succeed. I was scared but it didn't try to hiss or bite at us. It almost seemed he didn't know I was even there or did not want to hurt me.

Lessons Learned

  • I don't know what my dream is revealing. One thing though, I'm not scared of it and neither was snake scared of me. After Googling I know their eyes become glazed over for a short time period and they cannot smell. I have no idea what kind of snake it was.
  • I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and I am scared of snakes and most of all getting bit by one since I was a child, but never was I afraid of garter snakes. And then I wouldn't even have known it was there until my dog who is Chihuahua and Yorky and very protective, on guard.
  • I don't really know what I have learned cause no one else has checked to see if there are snakes.

Phylameana lila Desy, About.com Holistic Healing, says:

Danielle, I would look up the symbolic meanings of snakes if I were you. But, I also think the dreams are exposing your anxieties about having seen a snake in your home, and the unknown whereabouts of it.

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