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Dialing Wrong Number - Dream Stories

Share Your Story: Dreams, Their Meanings and Messages

By elaughren

Type of Dream I Had

I always seem to be traveling to some city that I do recognize as a small town where I used to live. There I am always checking the post office for mail and I always see a check. Then I seem to be always trying to dial a phone number and I never get the number right, when I start dialing I always hit a number that is wrong. I have to hang up and start over and to my frustration I never get it right.

What My Dream Meant to Me

I really get frustrated when I can't dial the phone number the first time but I keep dialing it wrong over and over. I don't even know whose number it is or why I am calling. The small town is somehow connected to the phone and the post office every time I go to get mail there is a check in there but from where I do not know but it's usually a substantial amount. These sequences don't always follow the same order but this dream is the most frequent and very frustrating because I can't figure why I can't dial the phone number right especially when it's a touch tone phone. Maybe I am avoiding a person? Maybe I am expecting money from somewhere? Not too sure who and why this dream keeps reoccurring.

Lessons Learned

  • Maybe I forgot phone numbers?
  • I miss the small town?
  • I have forgotten mail at one time?

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