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By burnslau

Ouija Board Interest Evolved into Automatic Writing

Conversations with my Daughter on the Other Side - The First Year

Why I Tried to Communicate with Spirits

I think curiosity as a teenager was the reason I first used a Ouija Board. My friend and I were always interested in life after death.

This is What Happened

My friend and I had good results immediately. The board told her the name of who she'd marry, and years later she did. Years later it told me the name of my oldest daughter's angel, who, she years later saw. But, the greatest thing that happened was it led me to automatic writing which gave me the opportunity to meet my guides who told me of four of my past lives. It also led me to now, where I just published a book, Conversations with my Daughter on the Other Side - The First Year. She communicates to me about her transition, what she's doing and learning and what we need to do to live happier and more compassionate lives on earth. It's becoming an inspiration for others who are reading her words.


  • My expectations have been more than met. I had the desire to try automatic writing and I would advise anyone who wants to try it to have patience.
  • It took a week of sitting with a notebook and pen before the pen ever moved and only produced one word - love. After that it got easier and easier.
  • I think you have to have a desire to communicate and find the way that's best for you.

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