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By Jan

Why I Tried to Communicate with Spirits

In this case, I did not attempt to communicate with a spirit, since I didn't know the person had passed.

This is What Happened

I had a very vivid dream of a man who I was partnered with in the 1970s. The dream showed him murdered, shot with a gun. I knew it was true. We had not seen each other for decades, but still had a deep connection and I feel we are soulmates (although I hate to banter that word around) and know now from friends that he felt the same way. It just didn't work out this time around.

It took me two days to find the courage to search for the news (we do not live in the same part of the US). Of course I found the stories.

My world really hasn't been the same since, although I have had contact with him, mostly through dreams, that he is fine. I can also sense when he stands behind me, usually at the computer. The years apart did not matter, we still had a deep connection in this life, and I believe in past and future lives.

One of the most amazing things that occurred happened one morning when I woke up. No computers on, no radios, ipods, etc, and no one in the house but me. The song 'Someone to Watch Over Me' was playing loudly. Later, I searched online and believe it was the version sung by Linda Rondstadt. Both she and the song made sense.


  • Pay attention to your dreams. While I do not personally believe that all dreams are visits, the ones that are seem very different, more real.
  • Notice if you get goosebumps when thinking of someone who has passed. They're all about energy.
  • Do lightbulbs pop when you walk by. Of course, that can happen if the bulb is ready to go, but if it happens a lot, it might be significant.
  • Our smoke alarms went off all night for no reason when my sister passed. Another example of how they can fool with energy.
  • Meditate, not necessarily to connect, but when we do I believe it opens us up more in general.

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