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By Jan

Why I Tried to Communicate with Spirits

My sister passed very suddenly in the early 1990's. I had many communications from her, and am sorry now that I did not write them down. I know now that she was channeling information to me about where she was and what it was like. Of course I have forgotten most of it.

This is What Happened

Of the many communications, this is one type of event I remember vividly. I had many dreams that she left me messages on the answering machine. All of her messages came true, and many included information about the health of family members.

Her last message to me, a very long time ago, basically said that she wouldn't see me for awhile, that she was off to do some things. Knowing her, she's exploring. And it's true, although I have felt her presence occasionally, there's been nothing more of the constant contact that I had those first six months.


  • Although I did not own the perfume she used, I smelled it often during times I knew she was near. Notice out-of-place smells.
  • I do get odors, and not always pleasant odors, when something occurs. I know who it is about, but usually do not know what is happening. Just be aware.
  • Watch for unexpected text on the computer (I do attribute that to my other sister, who was very into computers).
  • Notice differences of temperature when you are thinking of someone.

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