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The Bible and Suicide

Reader Stories: Spirit Visitation Stories


Share Posts - Readers share stories about seeing dead people or having spirit communications during seances, when using talking boards or in some other manner.

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

When my mother passed away, I felt as if I were living a dream. It didn't seem real. She was the most important person in my life - the person I loved more than anyone. After her funeral in Indianapo…More

Ouija Board Interest Evolved into Automatic Writing

My friend and I had good results immediately. The board told her the name of who she'd marry, and years later she did. Years later it told me the name of my oldest daughter's angel, who, she years la…More

Astral Projection

My sister died when she was 47 years old. I was devastated. She died in her sleep. I presume it was an accidental overdose of pain meds, as she had an infected toe and was in poor health to begin wit…More

Visitations from Deceased Relatives

My grandmother had passed a few months after I was born. When I was 13 I had a dream of my grandmother where she had come alive again. It was great, my mother was extremely happy to have her back. As…More

Soul Connection

All my family members are into Reiki practice and believe in Spirituality. We all talk to soul and convey our feelings and heal the soul for peace and let next birth be happy, peaceful and in good fa…More

Awoke in a Burning House

Our house started to burn. I was trapped in my room asleep when I was 14 years old in 1972.I suddenly for no reason I could determine, woke up. I looked up and saw my mother's face in front of me, wi…More

Telephone Message from Beyond

I didn't try to contact him. Upon his passing I was devastated. All I could do was cry. He never failed to call me or text me each morning to tell me good morning and that he loved me. I was in denia…More

Husband's Spirit Visitation in a Dream

In my dream, I was outside in front of the house and my husband came around the corner with his hands in his usual coat he would wear. He looked robust and healthy and had a smile on his face that sa…More

Glass Filled with White Mist - Seance Story

We used to meet every night in daylight as I remember, early evening and we would take all our crosses (St. Christophers) off as someone had said to do. We then asked spirit to appear. Yes! I know, …More

Disgruntled Spirit of Henry Ford

Years ago, I did a tour of the Edison and Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, Florida. The tour guide made some mildly disparaging remarks about Henry Ford.... and out of the blue, an old Ford car, wi…More

I Had a "Gay" Time Playing Ouija with Friends - Seance Story

Our host drew the drapes to darken the room and also took her phone off the hook. We took turns using the board. When it was my turn a spirit came on and told us that he had attended my wedding and t…More

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