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Blarney Stone Pendant - Protective Amulets

Share Your Story: Protective Amulets

By Teresa

Blarney Stone Pendant - Protective Amulets

Blarney Stone Pendant

What is the Object?

Blarney Stone. This sculptured stone pendant was a gift from my husband. He knows I'm part Irish. We have all heard stories about "kissing the blarney stone" for good luck. But, the blarney stone is also supposed to help ward off evil.

How Does it Work?

The authentication card that came in the gift box also gave written instruction how to use the stone for protection against evil. Supposedly, you would peer through the hole whenever you come upon evil, in this way it protects you as a shield. The warning was not to look upon evil in its face, but to always shield yourself. I use to wear this pendant everyday at a job I was not satisfied with. Whenever my boss entered the office I would clutch the stone in my hand and when his head was turned lift it to my eye and look at him through it. I would do the same to a chatty co-worker who was often spewing negativity.

Lessons Learned

  • I was not convinced that this amulet really could ward off evil. But wearing it around my neck and tucked secretly underneath my blouse made me feel like I had a weapon of defense against people who weren't necessarily my friends. A bit of a confidence builder... like carrying a worry stone to rub inside your pocket.

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