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The Bible and Suicide

Reader Stories: Protective Amulets


Share Posts - Readers tell about special amulets, talismans, crystals, or other object they use to protect themselves from negative energies, harm, bad chi, or troublesome spirit entities?

Turkish nazar boncuğu - Protective Amulets

After the guy I was dating became the guy I was about to marry, I was clearing out some dresser drawers in preparaion for moving in with him. I found a lovely black pashmina and it had an evil eye pr…More

Painted Rocks with Faces - Protective Amulets

I sit beside my stones as I have a chair in my angel garden and I look at the smile that each one has as I put a different face on everyone of them. It was just so lovely and calm when I was painting…More

Blarney Stone Pendant - Protective Amulets

The authentication card that came in the gift box also gave written instruction how to use the stone for protection against evil. Supposedly, you would peer through the hole whenever you come upon ev…More

Native American Silver Bracelet - Protective Amulets

I always wear the bracelet when I take a trip as I feel that it (my father) protects me from harm. The one time that I didn't wear it my daughter and I were stranded in a strange town 1,000 miles fro…More

Crystal Pendulum - Protective Amulets

Crystal pendulums are hung in areas of a home where you want to keep chi flowing freely. This crystal is hanging from the chandelier of our home's foyer. It helps to welcome friends as they enter and…More

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