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Choosing Ornaments for Your Holiday Tree

The evergreen originates as a pagan symbol during the holidays.


How you decorate your holiday tree can reflect your personal belief system, but it doesn't have to be pagan or Christian. Both my husband and I were raised in Christian homes. He was raised Catholic. My earliest roots in religion come from attending the Wesleyan Methodist Church with my parents and siblings. Typically the Christmas trees of my childhood were adorned with candy canes, angels, stars, bells, tinsel, and paper garland. My husband now is a self-proclaimed atheist and I would best be described as pagan. The purpose of this gallery and sharing photos of favorite ornaments is to illustrate how you can decorate your Christmas Tree (or Holiday tree, call it whatever you like) with ornaments or decorations that represent who you are, your spiritual leanings, your hobbies, and the people in your life who are most dear to you. Our family's Christmas tree is color-themed in white and gold, but beyond that there are no other decorating rules.

Share Your Tree Trimming Traditions

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Buddha OrnamentMemorial OrnamentsReiki Angel BearSun and Star OrnamentsReflective Ornaments
Hobby OrnamentsSanta Claus OrnamentPet OrnamentsHandcrafted Ornaments
Family Heirloom OrnamentsSouvenier Ornamentspoinsettia ornamentRecycled OrnamentsStained Glass Angel
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