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Winter Holidays

What winter holidays do you celebrate? Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Winter Solstice, or something else?

Star of Bethehem

Tree Trimming Traditions
Do you have a special ornament that you hang on your holiday tree? Share stories about your family's tree trimming traditions.

Scents of the Seasons - Smells Associated with the Holidays
Readers share the smells that they associate with the holiday season.

Healing Holiday Scents
What are the scents that are reminiscent of the holiday season? Many of the scents we enjoy during the season also have healing associations.

Choosing Ornaments for Your Holiday Tree
How you decorate your holiday tree can reflect your personal belief system, but it doesn't have to be pagan or Christian.

An Imperfect Thanksgiving Day Dinner
Meeting all our expectations in the detailing necessary travel, lodging, entertainment, menu planning, decorating, shopping, etc. to come together into one perfect package can be quite undaunting.

Making The Most Of Thanksgiving - Angel Messages with Christopher Dilts
Message from the Angel of Thanksgiving: "We are the Angels that prepare the way for the celebration of Thanksgiving. We bring the radiance and grace of heavenly wisdom to this holiday."

Walking the Fire Labyrinth
Kate McManus shares her transformation experience of walking through a fire labyrinth in Australia.

Dancing Our Dreams Alive
Winter Solstice article written by Jim Ewing

Star of Bethlehem
This link is about the flower that carries the star's name and essence. It is uses as a remedy for bringing about calmness and inner peace.

The Meaning of Christmas
RedPhoenix, one of our Holistic Healing Chatroom Hosts, lost her parents during the holiday season. She is experiencing sadness as the holiday approaches because she will not be sharing Christmas with them. She wrote this inspiring letter in tribute to their lives. Don't miss reading this!

Merry Marriages
Couples that participate in religious holiday rituals such as decorating the home for the holidays or lighting candles are more satisfied with their marriages, according to a new study.

Cornucopia Visualization
Thanksgiving gratitude meditation for chakra balancing.

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