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Water Fountains

Art and Meditation Tool


Holistic Shopping: A water fountain will make any space a more calming atmosphere. Water fountains aren't just for the meditation room. They are perfect for the bedroom, home office, the rec room, and even the kitchen!. Choose from a variety of fountain designs.

Lotus Well Fountain

image courtesy of Commission Junction
Peaceful combination of slate, bamboo-style copper water spouts, black river rock sitting atop a hand crafted copper bowl as the fountain well.

Serenity Fountain

image courtesy of Commission Junction
Buddha head angled at a slight tilting whispers of how the natural flow of ebb and flow energies in our life experiences teach us. Balance is not always straightforward.

Three Frogs Fountain

image courtesy of Commission Junction
Artsy style of three copper frogs painted on the slate balanced on copper rods. You can't really see the frogs from this smaller photo, but if you click on the "buy direct" link and you will be able to see an enlargement of the photo on the seller's site. This might be my favorite fountain in this list... but it is hard to choose.

Asian Candle Fountain

image courtesy of Commission Junction
Fire and water elements are paired together to offer an ambiance of emotional calm with a spark of illuminating light.

Water Bell Fountain

image courtesy of linksynergy

Enjoy the relaxing sounds of water flowing and copper bells chiming as they float in a circular motion. Magical!

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Rising Sun Fountain

image courtesy of Commission Junction

Elegant copper bamboo and river stone fountain design. Naturally serene with an oriental flair. 

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