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Drinking Water

Making a Healthy Choice


In an earlier feature immersing ourselves in water was discussed. I decided that this week we could talk about the water we pour into our bodies. I pretty much believe that drinking water is every bit as beneficial to our health as immersing ourselves in it. Actually, our survival depends on it. But the perplexing question many of us have is ..."How safe is the water we drink?" In my home in Iowa I was drinking the locally treatment processed water from a large water source, the mighty and muddy Mississippi River. All testing of this water passes government regulations....and we all assume our government knows what it is doing.....right???....not sure huh?

A few years ago I noticed that I would get a stomach ache some days for no apparent reason. I started to associate it with a slight odor in the water as it came pouring out of the faucet. Often times this odor coincided with the river level being exceedingly high. (Please don't take this "smell it first" method as scientific by any means.) With complete speculation on my part, I flat out stopped drinking tap water and began toting jugs of purified water home from the grocery store each week. It just so happened that this was around the time of the "Flood of 93."

Perhaps you take your drinking water for granted as I did for many years, not realizing you have many choices to choose from. For me the challenge was to find a source of water that would be safe, affordable, and tasty. Some people tell me all purified water tastes the same, my taste buds tell me different. I drink a variety of bottled waters including mineral water and spring waters. I also have a distiller which I depend on at home to supply our household with water for drinking and cooking. I occasionally drink water at room temperature which has been suggested by Deepak Chopra in his book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind : The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old as a healthy way to drink water. And I also will admit to drinking tap water on occasion, that is, if it passes my "smell test." I enjoy a tall glass of purified ice water with a twist of lemon or lime best of all.

Article Dateline: August 1997
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