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Return to Sender with Love


Return to Sender Visualization

Healing Lesson of the Day

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Sandra Ingerman, author of How to Heal Toxic Thoughts, suggests deflecting harmful energies by using this intentional visualization. Similarly to refusing the delivery of an unwanted postal package by scribbling the words "Return to Sender" across the box, whenever you feel you are the target of negativity imagine the harmful energies locked safely inside an unopened box. Then visualize yourself writing the words "Return to Sender with Love" while infusing love energies into the container. Finally, imagine that you are dropping it into the nearest mailbox for pickup. Not only will you be sending the energies back to where they originated from, but you will have transformed the energies into loving vibrations. In this way you are protecting yourself from harm, defusing lethal toxicity, and refusing to exasperate a negative situation.

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