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Visualization Therapy

Guided imagery is often used in healing to bring about a feeling of calm and wellness to the client/self.
  1. Third Eye Viewing (5)

Visualization Discovery Tour
Visualizations are mental images that can help us to leap over obstacles, shrink our troubles, manifest our dreams, reduce our stresses, let go of...

Power of the Heart Meditation
This vizualization technique, adapted from Momentary Meditations, is a "portable stress-breaker. "

Vacations of the Mind
Retreat into your mind and dream a fantasy vacation. How far away will your imagination take you?

Imagine Yourself Well - Mental Imagery and Healing
Mental imagery, sometimes called visualization, guided imagery, and often used interchangeably with the practice of meditation and hypnosis, is the language used by the mind to communicate and make sense about the inner and outer worlds.

Re-Patterning Process
These four repatterning exercises are recommended as followup self care after having closed chakras reopened to maintain cleared energy channels.

The Healing Power of the Mind and Visualization
Linda Mackenzie, C.H.T. offers suggestions on ways to maximize success of visualization as a support to the healing process.

Shrinking Box Visualization
Mentally minimize your stresses and problems.

Simple Visualizations
Do you use a simple visualization as an empowerment tool to guide you through life's challenges?See submissions

White Light Visualization
Visualize pure white light coursing freely like a liquid down through each of the seven main spiritual chakras.

Return to Sender with Love
Deflect harmful energies by using this intentional visualization.

Eraser Visualization
Simple visualization to empty the mind of chaotic, disturbing, or troubling thoughts.

Meditation - Relaxation Exercise
Guided meditation intended to help break through the physical barrier to reclaim personal power.

Cutting The Cords To Unhealthy Relationships
Bridge Visualization - Exercise to alleiviate the pain and suffering from relationships that aren't working.

Road Map to A Healing Place
Guided Vvsualization from Dr. Grossan's Ear, Nose and Throat Consultant Pages.

Healing Symbols & Visualization
Circle, Trine, and the Star - "These symbols are one tool the healer uses to direct energy for the purpose of becoming able to heal the energy field of the patient. The ability of these symbols to assist in directing energy is activated by visualizing them."

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