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Valentine's Day

Assortment of articles and other resources regarding the matters of the heart and cupid darts.
  1. Focus on Relationships
  2. Heart - Symbol of Love
  3. Soul Mates
  4. Spirit Connections

Valentine's Day Ritual for One
Here's a Self Love Ceremony suggestion from Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, the Wedding Goddess.

Manifest A Mate
Helps for finding that elusive ideal partner you have been hoping for.

Your Love Life & Reincarnation
Book Review - Author Stephen Petullo focuses on finding the root cause of bad relationships to help bring resolve to painful issues so as not to continue traveling down similar paths that may offer more hurtful experiences.

Love Stories
Who doesn't love a good love story? Readers tell about the special people in their lives who they love.

Cutting The Cords To Unhealthy Relationships
Bridge Visualization - Exercise to alleiviate the pain and suffering from relationships that aren't working.

Soul Mate Truths and Love Life Tips
The following tips are based on the booklet 55 Soul Mate Truths and Tips to Make the Most of Your Love Life by Stephen Petullo

Is Your Past-Live Karma Spoiling Your Love Life?
Feature article by Stephen Petullo - Turn your bad love luck into a happier love life by releasing blocks, forgiveness, and taking the appropriate action.

Heart Matters
Matters of the Heart bring to mind the importance of family and loved ones. Heart-related resources

Oasis For The Lonely
Are you without a Valentine this year and you're feeling isolated and grumpy? Depression Guide, Tammy has some tips to make Feb. 14 a better and brighter day for the lonely hearted.

Happy Valentine's Day
It is very important give yourself some quality Me Time" on a regular basis.

Valentine Mudra
Say "I Love You" with your hands.

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