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Best Holistic Healer Tools


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Smudge in Spray
Best Holistic Healer Tools

Smudge in Spray

Fans Say:

~I cannot live without this tool, I use it in all my healing practices, between readings, to clear the space for the next client, etc. It's invaluable when other smudge tools are not applicable, i.e. someone with allergies to smoke.
~Smudge in Spray has transformed many lives and situations. Through the use of medical grade essential oils, Holy Waters fans Sacred Site Essences from around the World, this spray removes negativity and replaces it with love and well-being. Being used in hospital, hospice and crime scenes as well as homes, offices...

Best Healer Tool Finalist: Smudge in Spray

Company Statement:

Tired of smoky sage in your home or office? Use liquid Smudge in Spray instead of smoky smudge products for clearing. Intend to replace negativity with Love, Light, and Well-Being. Spray it around you and your space.

Smudge in Spray consists of medical grade pure essential oils, Florida Water, Holy Waters personally collected by the creator and Sacred Site essences from all over the world!

This spray was received through Divine Inspiration by Margaret Ann Lembo, author of Chakra Awakening and the Angel Gemstone Oracle Cards. Spray it around you and your space. Watch your life transform.

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