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Best Holistic Healer Tools


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Animal Totem Pendulums
Best Holistic Healer Tools

Animal Totem Pendulums

About.com Readers Say:
~Each pendulum is channeled with the intention of creating the best possible spiritual tool for the best possible match for the user, and was custom-made just for Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing.
~These special pendulums are fast readers and healing allies. The pendulum picks the person.

Best Healer Tool Finalist: Animal Totem Pendulums

About the Pendulums

The Animal Totem Pendulums are the result of a unique collaboration between shamanic practitioner Rose De Dan, stone medicine practitioner Suzanne Powell, and the spirits of the Stone and Animal People themselves, resulting in a unique and beautiful pendulum created in trust that the right person is waiting for it. Not only are they powerful spirit allies, but each pendulum is also a healing companion. The Animal People and the Stone People have requested that each pendulum be united only with the person it has chosen as its healing partner, and so a shamanic reading is done to determine if there is a match. Our pendulums arrive packaged with spirit ally Sage and an “Absolute Truth Without Interference” blue glass marble to help keep the pendulum clear of intrusive energies, and a basic brochure offers guidance on how to begin getting to know your new Stone Buddy. Rose is currently working on an e-book with journey to assist those chosen with a way to connect more deeply with shamanic practices.

Personal Message from Rose:

I am very honored to be among the top 5 finalists for Best Reiki Book, Best Holistic Healer Tool and Best Reiki Twitter Personality. My sincere thanks to everyone who took time out of their busy day to voice their support—your efforts mean a lot to me—I already feel like a winner! It also helps keep my energetic fires burning and fuels my desire to keep creating and offering the very best products and services to meet your needs that I possibly can. Thank you all!

For all the readers who have written me over the years to tell me how much they have enjoyed Tails of a Healer, thank you. And I would also like to thank Linda Lee, the editor who believed that I had stories to tell. When I first began my career as an animal Reiki professional I did not feel like I knew much about anything so I decided that I would have to write about the experiences I was having and share the lessons I learned. I never dreamed that one day those growth experiences would be collected into a book. It just goes to show you that the old adage is true, write about what you know!

Finally, a big thank you to my spirit allies, the Stone People, Plant People and Animal People. It is your support that guided the creation of the Animal Totem Pendulums as well as everything else I do. I could not do this work without you!

Website: reikishamanic.com

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