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Mind-boggling as it sounds telepathy, the power of thought transference, happens more often than you might think. How often are you able to finish other people's sentences for them?
  1. Interspecies Communication

Non-verbal Communication
Telepathy is a natural language between people who love or care deeply for one another.

Telephone Telepathy Works!
Have you ever received a phone call or email from someone right after you were thinking about that person?

Telepathic Trash Collectors
What to do if you are in the habit of picking up mental messages from others that are not helpful or useful.

Intuitive Parenting
As a special needs parent and intuitive consultant, Deb Snyder, PhD focuses on teaching parents how to promote healing and enhance communication with their children.

Answer Our Telepathy Poll
Are you better at receiving or sending telepathic messages?

Telepathy Drawings
Telepathy art project undertaken by artist Christine Ayla and digital photographer John Morris.

Communicating Telepathically with Horses
Madeleine Walker, Animal Communicator, suggests communicating your thoughts to animals.

Angels and Telepathy
Angels sometimes use telepathy to pray, or to deliver messages in response to prayers.

Telepathy with Animals
Animal communicators - specialized type of psychics - believe that meaningful telepathic communication is possible with your pet.

Telepathy Tips - How to Improve Your Telepathy Skills
Readers offer tips and give advice on how to improve your telepathy skills

Telepathy: History, experimental findings, and theories
The psychic phenomena by which communication occurs between minds, or mind-to-mind communication. Such communication includes thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations and mental images.

Telepathy and Science
Telepathy proponents point generally to controversially scientific concepts such as psychology and quantum mechanics, as areas of research that are considered to be deeply based in the scientific method, but have equally problematic and unexplainable links to the exclusively physical description of reality.

Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle
This article explores the connection between telepathy and your aura and third eye.

Telepathy Takes Two
Telepathy is a mental communication that is shared between two individuals.

Non-Verbal Communications
Using telepathy can be more efficient than your cell phone.... at least your brain doesn't need recharging... right?

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