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Tea Leaf Reading

What might be mistaken as stuff at the bottom of your tea cup could actually be messages from the Universe.
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How to Read Tea Leaves
Reading tea leaves isn't as mysterious as you might think. Divination requires two basic elements: 1) A Question 2) An Answer.

Pictures of Tea Leaf Readings
Divination pictures and seer interpretations from reading tea leaf sessions. What do the leaf markings in the bottom of your teacup mean?

Look Inside My Cup
Are you open to inviting readers to peek into the bottom of you tea cup and have them share their intuitions about what the tea markings could possibly mean?

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards
Oracle cards created by Rae Hepburn based on the art of tea leaf reading.

What is Tasseography?
Do you understand the concept of paying it forward? It is about having an idea and putting it into action to help create planetary change, change...

Telling Fortunes by Tea Leaves
Book written in 1922 by Cicely Kent includes a dictionary of symbols.

According to Mystica, tasseomancy and tasseography are the older terms for the practice we call tea leaf or tea cup reading.

Tea Leaf Reading
Crystalinks speaks of tea leaf reading from her experience. She includes a list of images you might see in your cup.  

Laws Against Divination
The 1st Amendment prohibits the restriction of free speech in divination.

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