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Legacy of the Divine Tarot


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Future Update on My Wish List
Tarot Card Spread

Past Present Future Tarot Card Spread

screenshot of the Legacy of the Divine Tarot
One of my favorite "quick glimpse" Tarot spread readings is using 3 cards that are representative of past, present, and future influences. For this reading you lay out the center card first to represent the current situation or present time. The card placed on its left serves as the representative of past influences. The final card is placed on the far right to represent future influences. In the sample three card reading depicted here three major arcana cards were drawn from the deck.
  • Present: 0 Fool
  • Past: I Magician
  • Future: II High Priestess
When all the cards in a reading are from the major arcana the message generally involves spiritual matters rather than the mundane or human life matters. When you are soul searching or need guidance about your spiritual self it is recommended to sort through your cards and separate the major from the minor cards and draw only from the major cards.

Future Update on My Wish List

It is not possible to do a major arcana card reading from this application, but having the option to do a reading using cards from the major arcana only would be a welcome feature. I hope the developer considers adding this option in a future update.
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