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Tree of Life Tarot Spread


Tree of Life Tarot Spread

Tree of Life

photo (c) Phylameana lila Desy
The Tree of Life Tarot Spread consists of ten cards, an eleventh signifier card can be optionally added, simply position it in the center of the spread directly beneath the top card. The spread resembles a weeping willow tree.
  • Tree Top: Spiritual Goal (position signifier card under this card if you like)
  • Left Side Branches: Top to Bottom (Choice, Cons, and Mental)
  • Right Side Branches: Top to Bottom (Choice, Pros, and Emotional)
  • Center Tree: Outcome / Knowledge
  • Tree Trunk: Top to Bottom (Heart, Personal View)
  • Base of the Tree: World View

: How to Layout Your Cards:

First you form the tree branches in three rows. Place your drawn cards from left to right. These card positions reflect opposing energies.

Position 1: Left - Choice
Position 2: Right - Choice
Position 3: Left - Cons
Position 4: Right - Pros
Position 5: Left - Mental Reflections
Position 6: Right - Emotional Reflections

Next you form the tree trunk beginning with the base or tree roots and go upwards.

Position 7: World View
Position 8: Personal Opinion
Position 9: Heart

Place the final card at the top to complete your Tree of Life.

Position 10: Spiritual Influences

In reading the cards in your Tree of Life spread you divine answers to your inquiry based on the cards in the various positions.

  • What are your options? (1&2)
  • Consider the pros and cons. (3&4)
  • Explore your thoughts and feelings. (5&6)
  • What are your physical manifestations and worldly influences? (7)
  • How do view your current position? (8)
  • Connect to your heart or inner knowing. (9)
  • Understanding spiritual goal or growth potential. (10)
The Cards: The cards depicted in this photo of the Tree of Life Tarot Card Spread are from the Italian Tarot Deck, Tarocco "Soproafino" Made in Milano, Italy exclusively for Cavallini & Co., San Francisco.
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