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Gypsy Tarot Card Spread


Gypsy Tarot Card Spread
photo (c) Phylameana lila Desy
Before starting this reading separate the major arcana from the minor arcana. The querent is handed the stack of 56 minor arcana cards to shuffle and draw 20 cards from. Remaining undrawn minor arcana cards are set aside.

The Tarot reader then combines the 22 major arcana cards with the 20 cards drawn by the querent. This completes the 42 cards needed for the Gypsy Tarot Spread.

The querent is then given these 42 cards and asked to reshuffle and make 6 piles of cards with 7 cards in each pile. They are placed face down from right to left in a row.

The Tarot reader then picks up the first pile and lays down the seven cards face up in a row. The second pile of cards forms the second row of 7 cards beneath the first row. The Tarot reader continues placing the piles into rows until there are six rows. The first row is at the top of the spread.

Choosing the Signifier Card

From among 42 cards that are now spread out the Tarot reader chooses one card as the signifier card to represent the querent. Typically, for a male querent a card chosen would be The Fool, The Magician, or The Emperor, for a female querent a card chosen would be The Fool, The High Priestess, or The Empress. The chosen signifier card is place near the top row of the spread. The querent is then handed the deck of remaining minor arcana from which one card is selected to replace the vacant position.

The Tarot Reader then reviews the card spread to get an overall feel for the layout. The cards are read from right to left beginning at the first row, continuing downwards until the final seventh card in the last row is read. Insights are gleaned from individual or cards or in groupings. Card placement meanings for the six rows are as given below.

  • Row 1: Past Influences
  • Row 2: Present Influences
  • Row 3: Outside Influences
  • Row 4: Immediate Influences
  • Row 5: Possibilities for the Future
  • Row 6: Future Results and Outcome
The Cards: The cards used in the Gypsy Tarot Spread pictured here is from the 1JJ Swiss Tarot Card Deck (compare prices)

Reference: The Encyclopedia of Tarot, Stuart R. Kaplan, 1978, ISBN 0913866113, U.S. Games Systems

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