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Tantric Yoga

Most Westerners have a very shallow view of Tantric Yoga - they only see the sexual side. In reality, Tantra is a very deep and esoteric discipline which channels the creative energies in the direction of permanent enlightenment. Yes, sacred sex is a part of it, but this is not something to be taken casually! Here are some sites which will show you how much Tantric Yoga encompasses

Tantric Orgasms
Health benefits of practicing Tantra yoga and tantric sex.

The Role of Tantra in Anusara Yoga
Tantra is the philosophical basis of Anusara yoga, whose foundation is a life-affirming, non-dual form of Tantra that we call Shiva-Shakti Tantra

The Wild World of Tantra
Hinduism Guide Subhamoy Das offers some historical background and basic information on Tantra, focusing on its darker side.

An Overview of Deities in Buddhist Tantra
In Buddhism, tantra is the use of rituals, symbolism and yoga practices to evoke experiences that enable realization of enlightenment.

Tantra - the Sacred Weaving
Here is another article - and site - which explores the deeper aspects of Tantra.

Tantrism and Neo-Tantrism
Here is another very worthwhile article - this one from the Moksha Journal - which points out the major differences between real Tantrism and Neo-Tantrism

The Kama Sutra
The ancient sex tome comes to the privacy of your very own computer!

The Church of Tantra
According to this site, Tantric sex is a sacrament and a spiritual force. It is also a lot more than what most Westerners think it is.

This site, created by a group of film makers, claims to be "Your resource for Tantric Sex, Sacred Sexuality and the Kama Sutra."

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