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Symbols / Symbology

Exploration of ancient and new symbols.
  1. Crop Circles
  2. Heart - Symbol of Love (5)
  3. Lotus Flower (24)
  4. Mandalas
  5. Pyramids (45)
  6. Sabian Symbols (6)
  7. Sacred Eyes (4)
  8. Sacred Geometry (31)
  9. The Moon
  10. The Stars (8)
  11. The Sun (5)

Chakra Symbols and Sanskrit Names
Focusing on the chakra symbols while reading affirmation statements is intended to help you connect to the life pulse of your wheels of life.

Stories and Photos of Birthmarks
Stories and photos of birthmarks submitted by readers. See submissions

The Serpent And Its Transformative Power
Rabbi Michael Ezra gives us an interesting glimpse into the Kabbalistic teachings behind the story of the Garden of Eden. Discover some astonishing insights about the serpent and its transformative power in spiritual development.

Protective Shamrock Amulet
The Celts were attracted to the shamrock because of its heart-shaped leaves, and viewed it as a magical totem.

Caduceus Symbol
The caduceus looks like a winged staff is intertwined by two serpents.

Christian Symbols Illustrated Glossary
This collection of Christian symbols from Mary Fairchild, About Guide to Christianity, includes pictures and descriptions of the most easily recognized and common Christian symbols.

Hindu Symbols
Have you ever wondered how the Om, the Swastika, or the saffron flag originated? About Hinduism Guide Subhamoy Das explains.

symbols.com: Word Index
This dictionary gives a graphic alongside text that offers meaning and historical significance for symbols.

Serpent Symbolism
The object of the practice of Kundalini Yoga is to awaken the serpent, Sakti.... more about yoga.

Dream Symbols
Interpretation dictionary of common dream symbols.

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