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Laughing Buddha Game


Laughing Buddha Bead

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Do you remember playing Button Button, Who's Got the Button? It is a children's party game where a button gets passed around within a circle by a player who discreetly drops the button inside one of the other player's hands. Afterwards one-by-one the children try to guess who has the button hidden within their grasp. Whoever guesses right gets to hide the button in the next round. I own a small bead of a Laughing Buddha (shown in the photo) that is approximately one inch in size. I'll call my game Buddha, Buddha, Who's Got the Laughing Buddha? In my adapted version of the classic button game the person who gets the Buddha hidden inside their hands is required to act jovial and happy. But, there will likely be laughter all around with the other players trying to fake out the guessers with their laughing antics. Sound like fun? Both children and adults could have a blast playing this laughing game.

Laughing Buddha Game was inspired by Susan Jeffers

laughing Buddha bead © Phylameana lila Desy

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