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How to Use Discernment

Rein in Your Gullibility Factor



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Are you easily duped or fooled? It doesn't feel good to be deceived. Having a lack of discernment and being gullible can be costly too when we buy into everything we have been told. Don't feel too bad, everyone has been swayed away from their better judgment one time or another. Anyone who says otherwise is probably a fearful person who has trust issues which keeps them from trusting anyone. In order to rein in our gullibilities we need to be willing to trust others with an open mind, but also keep our gut instincts sharp so that we can distinguish between "bull" and "truth."

Discernment is a Tool

Discernment is a tool that can serve you well in every aspect of your life including your relationships, finances, work or school, and even shopping. You will likely feel something is not quite right in the core of your gut, whereas a deeper soul knowing may be felt in your heart when something is right. Using discernment helps you to sort out truths from untruths. But, here's the thing. A truth is not necessarily a fact. Facts are proven, truths are not measured in the same way as facts and fiction. What is a truth for one person is not always true for another. For example, when one woman wears red she feels empowered and it opens her up to her passionate nature. For another woman wearing the color red makes her feel anxious or easily agitated. Both examples are true, but they are not the same.

Truths in belief systems can be nebulous. What you believe is your business, but not necessarily believable for others. This is why prosthelytizing can feel like arrogance or bullying to someone whose truths are different from yours.

Detecting Truths from Untruths

Because truths are variable it can be difficult to detect truths from untruths. When people share their truths they are not attempting to deceive you. When a man is speaking of his truth he is coming from a place of truthful intent. This is where the difficulty arises in applying discernment. Detecting a lie is a lot simpler than discerning another person's truth.

One way to discover if another person's truth is also your truth is to try it on for size. Kinda like trying on an article of clothing. Ask yourself how this supposed "truth" fits. Is it comfortable or does it make you feel funny or uneasy? If it doesn't make you feel right, put it back on the rack. It may not be for you, but leave it behind for someone else.

Shedding Old Truths

You can also shed "old truths" that no longer serve you. Our truths change as we learn and grow our spirits. Discard them or give them away, just like you would give your old garments to Goodwill.

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