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Love at First Sight

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It's very common for soul mates to fall in love at first sight. They often feel that they cannot help themselves, nor do they want to be apart!

Soul Mate Truths and Love Life Tips
The following tips are based on the booklet 55 Soul Mate Truths and Tips to Make the Most of Your Love Life by Stephen Petullo

Ask Alana
Alana seems to have all the answers. People with soul mate problems certainly ask her a lot of questions.

New Age Relationship
This eight-part feature Michael Jorgensen is really quite exceptional. I'd take the time to read it all.

Searching for a Soulmate
Rita Khanna shares her views concerning the nature of soul mates. Her understandings are deep and wise.

Soul Mates
Just reading this passionate essay will give you the feeling that soul mates feel. And I'm not kidding!

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