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What is Kinnick Kinnick?


Native American Peace Pipes

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Kinnick Kinnick is what some Native Americans call a special blend of wild-crafted herbs used for smoking ceremonial peace pipes. Kinnick Kinnick contains no tobacco but dried tobacco leaves are sometimes mixed in with Kinnick Kinnick before using. Ceremonial use of tobacco by Native Americans is traditionally considered an offering to the spirits. Herbs used in Kinnick Kinnick blends vary. Bearberry leaf is the primary herb, other herbs in Kinnick Kinnick mixtures generally include yerba santa leaf, mullein, red willow bark, and osha root. Kinnick Kinnick is sometimes placed loose inside a clay bowl or abalone shell and burned as an incense or smudge herb.

Purposes of herbs commonly found in Kinnick Kinnick mixtures:

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