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Home Remedies for Minor Burns and Sunburn

Relief from Burn Discomfort


Home Remedies for Burns

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Quick relief for minor burns to the skin from cooking injuries or first degree sunburn reach for the aloe vera plant from your window sill, a bag of frozen peas from the freezer, or the bottle of vinegar from the pantry.
  • Aloe Vera Plant - Cut off a leaf, squeeze out the goo, and apply directly onto the burn (optionally, you can use bottled aloe vera gel).
  • Frozen Peas - Another quick remedy for burns is to apply a cool ice pack onto the injured skin. A package of frozen peas straight from the freezer works great!
  • Vinegar - Diluted vinegar compresses dabbed onto burned skin also helps to relieve burn pain.
  • Potatoes - Cut 2 to 3 pre-washed potatoes into chunks (leave the skin on). Place chunks in a food processor to liquify. Add as needed to create a salve or juice to pat on sunburned areas. Allow it to dry on skin. Rinse off in cool shower.
Note: It is important to seek immediate medical attention for severe burns.

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