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Friend Your Mirror

Be Your Own BFF


Friend Your Mirror

Healing Lesson of the Day

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What would you say to your best friend if you bumped into her downtown? After saying hello you would likely exchange pleasantries. The conversation would go something like this "You look great, I love your new hairstyle." Or, "How have you been? I've missed you?"

Now, what if you walked past a mirror and caught your own reflection, then what would you do? Sadly, most of us rush on by barely giving it more than a glance. Or, we might stop and give the mirrored image a critical look, checking to see if our lipstick needs refreshed or if we have spinach in our teeth. You might even give yourself a frown. You would never look at your friend so discriminately, so why do this to yourself?

At least once a day look in the mirror and get intimate with that person looking back at you. Think of her or him (YOU!) as your BFF (Best Friend Forever). Smile, wink back at yourself, and be sure to give yourself a compliment. "Hey, you look fantastic today!"

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