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Celebrating Thanksgiving Day Holistically

Healing and Showing Gratitude for Thanksgiving


Honoring the tradition of Thanksgiving and making new memories of your own.

Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Day Menu


This is one of my earliest articles I wrote the first year after taking on this gig as Guide to About.com Holistic Healing. I was a bit overwhelmed at the time adjusting to a new job and wanted to assure myself an unstressful (or at least - a minimally stressful) Thanksgiving. It has been a favorite. Every year I get a few "thankful" emails from readers saying they took my advice and down-graded their usual over-the-top Thanksgiving meal in favor of relaxation and less trimmings.

November Affirmations

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Bounty is all around me, my family, my sustenence, my faith, all these things I am grateful for. I appreciate my life. Today and everyday is a day of Thanksgiving!

November Affirmations by the Day

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Wishbone Good-Luck Ritual

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Ever wonder where the tradition of pulling apart the turkey wishbone came from? Who gets chosen in your family to try their luck after the Thanksgiving Day Dinner? The lucky wishbone is only one of many healing amulets that are used to attract luck and prosperity.


It is all too easy to disregard the postitives and focus on the negatives in our lives. Thanksgiving Day is a good day to vow to change that habit. Rejoice in the smallest gestures that bring a smile. It may be a flower blooming at your feet, the sound of a child's laughter, or a lovely card sent to you from a kind friend.

Turkey Totem

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The turkey sacrifices its life, making its appearance onto your table, serving as the centerpiece and als omain course of your abundant Thanksgiving meal. When you are saying Grace, being thankful for your food and all things good in your life, don't forget to thank the turkey for its lessons of blessedness.

Message from the Thanksgiving Angel

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"Our mission is to both prepare you and sustain you through this Thanksgiving holiday. If you will ask for our help, and the help of all angels, especially your guardian Angels, as you prepare for your holidays, you will find that your perceptions will expand."

Cranberries for a Heart Healthy Thanksgiving

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Antioxidant rich cranberries make their yearly appearance in the Thanksgiving Day bounty. Their tangy flavor and bright red color make them a favorite this time of year (it's also when they're most plentiful, as their peak season runs from October to December).

Making Mealtime Memories

Thanksgiving Day is generally centered around sharing a feast and giving gratitude. However family rituals do not have to be focused on the foods that are prepared. The atmosphere can play a major role. Make mealtimes a daily ritual that bring family members together in a loving space. A healthy and appealing table setting will ease stresses, awaken the appetite, and aid digestion. Loving meals provide memories that will last a lifetime.
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