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Spiritual Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Stuffers


Holistic Shopping: The holidays bring out the spiritual side of everyone. Here are some spiritual themed gift suggestions to use as stocking stuffers.

SpaFinder Gift Certificate

Give the gift of Wellness with a SpaFinder Wellness Gift Card that can be redeemed at thousands of spas around the country. These gift cards never expire! (Gifter Tip: Do a location search on the site to make sure there is a wellness center or spa in the area where the giftee resides).

Animal Shaped Eye Pillows

Animal Eye Pillows
Image courtesy of Link Share, Inc.
How adorable are these! Flax seed and herb filled pillows to ease the eyes, shield them from light, and promote a restful night's sleep. Chose from camel, zebra or elephant.

Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Non-Toxic Nail Polish
The ladies love to dress up their nails for the holidays. These polishes are non-toxic, perfect for the your young daughters or the sensitive gal in your life.

Buddha Meditation Amulet

Courtesy of Link Synergy, Inc.
This beautiful prayer or meditation amulet was designed with freshwater pearls. Wear as a necklace or grasp in your hands during your reflective quiet time. Gold-filled chain is 32" long, Buddha measures 2"H. Made in the USA.

Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos

Set of seven Chakra Boosters (temporary tattoos associated with the seven major chakras). This set is the perfect size to tuck inside a holiday stocking or wherever. Instructions are included in the package how to apply these healing boosters to the body for optimal chakra balancing. Individual tattoos are also available.

Lavendar Soap

image courtesy of Gaiam, Inc.

Lavender is a sweet smelling herb that relaxes and revitalizes. Be sure that the person you are wanting to gift is not scent-sensitive. I am scent-sensitive, but lavender is one scent that I can enjoy as long as the aroma is a subtle one.

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Teen Angels

(c) Findhorn Press

Tuck this deck of Teen Angels inside your teenager's holiday stocking. Diana Cooper's inspirational cards were created specifically for teens and pre-teens. Part of charm of these cards is that the inspirational messages are coming from teen-aged angels, not from adults or lofty "all-knowing" entities who can seem out of touch with kids growing up today.

Herbal Tea Sampler

(c) Adagio Tea
Andiago Teas offer a few sampler gift packs. The individual tins inside the gift pack would be perfect party favors or stocking stuffers for your tea-loving friends. In their Herbal Sampler you get six tins (lemon grass, peppermint, mango melange, berry blues, sour apple, and rooibos jasmine).

Worry Dolls

courtesy of Pricegrabber

Worry dolls are intentional amulets originating from the Mayan culture for releasing your troubles. Legend says to tell the dolls your worries before you go to bed. The dolls keep your worries so you can get a good night's sleep.

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Fragrant Incense Sticks

image courtesy of Pricegrabber

A package of incense sticks is easy to tuck in a Christmas stocking at the last minute for a final healing touch. Frankincense might be a fun choice!

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