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Celebrating the Holidays with Healing


Honoring your spirituality when celebrating the holidays.

Spiritual Stocking Stuffers

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The holidays bring out the spiritual side of everyone. Here are some spiritual and healing themed gift suggestions to help you out with your holiday shopping.

Choosing Ornaments for Your Holiday Tree

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How you decorate your holiday tree can reflect your personal belief system, but it doesn't have to be pagan or Christian. The purpose of this gallery and sharing photos of favorite ornaments is to illustrate how you can decorate your Christmas Tree (or Holiday tree, call it whatever you like) with ornaments or decorations that represent who you are, your spiritual leanings, your hobbies, and the people in your life who are most dear to you.

Share your tree trimming traditions

Healing Holiday Scents

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There are certain aromas that we tend to associate with the holiday season. These include scents from the outdoors such as pine needles and cedar leaves because of the holiday trees that were hauled into our homes to be decorated. Smells from the kitchen also remind of us holiday traditions like mom's gingerbread men freshly out of the in the oven, grandpa's chocolate fudge boiling on the stove top, or aunt Meg's cinnamon sugar cookies arriving in the mail. What healing scents do you associate with the holidays?


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Historically, sprigs of mistletoe were hung above the entry ways of homes to keep demonic forces such as witches and devils from entering. The Christmas tradition of kissing under the mistletoe is thought to have begun as result of the holiday season when mistletoe is harvested and because of the entrance of the home being where greetings and welcome kisses were commonly exchanged.

Holiday Affirmations

I embrace the holiday season with joy and an open heart. I look at this time of year through the eyes of a child full of excitement. I gift others with kindness and a sincere smile. I feel at peace and view my life as the miracle that it is.

December Affirmations by the Day

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Angel Message from the Christmas Angels

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We are the Christmas Angels. We are the Angels of joy, of light, of love, of generosity, of peace and of abundance for all. We are the Angels that help you to connect with these very same good aspects of yourself - these same qualities of your own high consciousness and of your ability to choose love in your every expression. We are the Angels who guide you, who whisper to you, who nudge you and who bring you the gifts to help you shift your perceptions from worry and fear into love.

Winter Solstice

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December 21st is the Winter Solstice. Solstice means “standing still sun.” This moment of transit from the old light to the new provides an opportunity for each of us to receive the year’s energy and light.

Holiday Tips for Spiritual Singles

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Help for surviving the holidays without a partner. If you find yourself suddenly single for the holidays, or if you have been single for many years, traditional celebrations are the perfect time to do some successful self improvement. When you end a long term relationship, or he or she ends the relationship for you, there are emotional relationship issues to address.

Spirit Totem - Rudolph the Reindeer

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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a beloved character of storybooks. Young Rudolph rescued Santa one foggy Christmas Eve by leading his team of trustworthy reindeer into the cold winter night. Everyone knows the story. If it were not for the help and leadership of Rudolph there would have been many disappointed children come Christmas morning. I think that Rudolph may very well deserve a place among my list of mystical totems. But, in all seriousness the reindeer, Keeper of Tradition, is indeed a family-oriented animal and plays an important role in its herd community.

New Year Resolutions

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We make <a href="http://healing.about.com/od/newyear/a/past-and-present-new-year-resolutions.htm">new year resolutions</a> to challenge ourselves to meet or exceed our best expectations. And although our enthusiasm may wean a bit come mid February, March, or later, new year resolutions can serve us well. The trick is not to tackle too much by setting manageable goals.

What is Your New Year Resolution?

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