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Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck


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Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck
Sacred Geometry Oracle Card and Book Set

Sacred Geometry Oracle Card and Book Set

(c) Phylameana lila Desy
Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck is a beautiful divination tool. Cards from this spiritual and intuitive deck display original artwork based on the sacred language of geometry. Sacred geometry is a fascinating subject and this deck of 64 colorful cards will draw you into a world of spirals, circles, labyrinths, stars, and more spiritual shapes and pathways. This is a brief tutorial to give you a peek at the cards and how to use them for self-discovery.

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Artwork by Francene Hart, a visionary artist who has worked with sacred space for more than twenty-five years. Author of An Artist's Journey into Sacred Geometry, among other books. She also conducts workshops on mandalas, creativity, and sacred geometry.

Review deck of Sacred Geometry Tarot was supplied by Cyntha Fowles, publicist for Inner Traditions International, Bear & Company.

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