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Sabian Symbols

Learn more about this extraordinary set of 360 images. There's one beautiful symbol for each degree of the zodiac.

Daily Guidance by Sun Degree
Each day starts off with a new Sabian Symbol at sunrise. Diana E. Roches suggests that we take note of it?

Holly and Mistletoe
This simple account demonstrates how we can "live" Sabian Symbols each day whether we know it or not.

The Interpretation of a Horoscope
In this classic lecture Marc Edmund Jones demonstrates the enlightened use of the Sabian Symbols in a horoscope.

The Origin and History Of The Sabian Symbols
Diana E. Roche provides interesting material concerning the background of this extraordinary set of symbols.

The Sabian Symbol Oracle
This page generates a Sabian Symbol, keyword, and zodiac degree for your metaphysical consideration.

Sabian Symbols And Degree Books
Marc Edmund Jones, Dane Rudhyar, Diana Roche, Isidore Kozminsky. Just some of the people who have written about degree symbolism.

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