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Rune Stones

Spiritual wisdom is committed into stone with the ancient practice of runecarving. The ritual of runecasting awakens us to our natural inclinations helping us make decisions.
  1. Fun with Rune Stones (4)
  2. History of Runes (2)
  3. Making & Using Rune Stones (2)
  4. Rune Stones Software (2)

Book Review: The Spiritual Runes
Review of Harmonia Saille's book about the history, teachings, and modern use of rune stones.

Rune Stones
Carved Amethyst Rune Stone Set

The Rune Primer - Book Review
The Rune Primer is a nicely put together handbook explaining the historical facts about the runes. It explains what is really known, and how we know it.

Runes - Alphabet of Mystery
The runes of the Elder Futhark, their uses in writing, divination, magic during the Norse Viking and Teutonic medieval world and today.

Description of Runes
This site is a terrific learning device. Click a rune and read Ralph Blum's perceptive interpretation.

An Exposition on Runic Practices
An academic paper by Eamon Brooks which discusses the use of runes in a very broad manner.

Materials and Methods
Are you interested in magical runic charms? You'll find the instructions for making them here.

Rune Magic
Learn more about runic spells and scripts, plus how the lovely bindrunds are  composed.

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