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Retreats - Worldwide Sacred Places

Where better to network with other healers than Global healing destinations that go beyond R&R?
  1. Africa (3)
  2. America / US (51)
  3. Asia (3)
  4. Australia - New Zeland (4)
  5. Canada (3)
  6. Caribbean (2)
  7. Central America (1)
  8. Europe (3)
  9. Healing Tours (4)
  10. Mexico (4)
  11. Middle East (2)
  12. South America (5)

Travel Gear for Sensitive Souls
Traveling can be stressful for anyone, but for the HSP (highly sensitive persons) it is important to plan to pack a few extra items to make them extra comfortable.

Vacations of the Mind
Retreat into your mind and dream a fantasy vacation. How far away will your imagination take you?

Beach Retreat Visualization
Visualizing myself on the beach is a favorite pass time for me. Very relaxing.

Travel Tips for Sensitive Souls
Traveling can be quite a challenge for anyone, but for the HSP (Highly Sensitive Person, or empath) being thrown into new places can cause an intensity of unease.

Travel Talk - Healing Places To Visit
Are you planning a trip? Why not choose a healing destination?

Plan a Vacation - Get Out of Town
Getting away from it all is the true ticket to avoiding work burn out and reducing daily stresses.

Waiting in Line Can Be a Mini Vacation
Waiting for what's next can really be frustrating. But we do have a choice not to let our impatience or frustrations rule these limbo moments

Comfort Zones and Travel Anxieties
Traveling to your retreat location can be stressful. What is your favorite mode of transportation?

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