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Focus on Relationships

Yin Yang Balancing. Resources for understanding and healing our relationships.
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Heart & Soul Connection Exercise
Exercise couples can do together to help be fully in the present moment with each other.

Infinity Exercise
The infinity exercise helps free you from emotional ties to toxic relationships.

Cutting Cords - How Were You Able to Break Free from a Toxic …
Some relationships are more harmful or hurtful than positive. These types of relationships can offer a worthwhile learning experience after the fact. But this life lessons will only be realized after you are strong enough to be able to walk away and move beyond the toxic relationship.

Emotional Outbursts and Your Relationships
Do you have a safe place to vent your emotions? Also, do you have someone, a friend or partner, who supports you when you exhibit your feelings openly? It is important to have our feelings validated. Feelings are not right or wrong - they just are.

Unconditional Love
What is unconditional love? Is it really possible to love someone unconditionally?

Surviving the Holidays Without a Partner
If you find yourself suddenly single for the holidays, or if you have been single for many years, traditional celebrations are the perfect time to do some successful self improvement.

Relationship Problems
Article by Jim Ewing - Can the increasing disturbance in relationships be attributed to Earth Changes?

Loving Actions
How loving are you? Meredith Ian, founder of Integrative Wellness lists ten actions that will enable you to become efficient at loving yourself and others.

Spiritual Relationships
Forming partnerships probably has more to do with what lessons you are willing to face than anything else. Jaelin K. Reece, intuitive counselor, explains the concept of mirroring in regard to our partner choices.

Pros and Cons of Hugging
What's not to like about a hug? Some people would rather not be hugged by others, they have their reasons.

Holding Hands
Hand-holding during the dating scene is an experience that made your heart skip a beat or two. Holding hands is definitely a heart-connected activity!

Reiki Body Massage
Giving your partner a Reiki massage is an openhearted and nurturing demonstration of your love.

Treasure Your Friends
Friendships are truly one of life's truest treasures.

Spiritual Relationships
Have you spent years looking for Mr. Right, or Ms. Right? Do you feel like you come up empty each time, or even worse- end up repeating an old pattern with the same type of person again and again?

Angels Assisting with Happy Healthy Relationships
There are also always one or more Angels looking over every relationship we have and offering guidance, help and healing that our relationships can grow into greater love.

Sexuality and Spirituality in Marriage
About Marriage - Working on the quality of one's love making over time has often been identified as critical to an enduring marriage. Less well understood is how spirituality is a part of the picture. Marriage Guides Sheri and Bob Stritof explore the fascinating connections between mind, body and spirit.

Virgin Night
Special Chat Guest Charles McPhee (aka The Dream Doctor) suggests the game "Virgin Night" to be played on a specific night to spice up you and your partner's sex life.

How To Fight Fairly
Guidelines from Sheri & Bob Stritof, About's Marriage Guides, on fighting fair in resolving differences in our relationships.

Creating A Negative Free Zone
What if you had a rule that no family arguments were allowed under your roof?

Love Stories
Who doesn't love a good love story? Readers tell about the special people in their lives who they love.See submissions

Angelic Technique for Cutting Cords
Use this angelic assisted technique for cutting cords from past relationships that no longer serve you.

Holding Hands
Holding hands is definitely a heart-connected activity!

Spiritual Differences and Your Relationships
Readers share stories about resolving or managing differences in spiritual paths within relationships. See submissions

Five Day Relationship Fast
Michael Bobier suggests backing off from your relationship for a few days to get a better perspective on your sexual hungers.

How To Be in a Love Relationship and Make it Work
"Four Key Factors" are outlined in an article by Susan Goldman Ellerare to give you the skills to be involved in a working love relationship.

Keeping in Touch
Unplug from your media devices and take a moment to connect with a loved one the old-fashioned way.

Family Matters
Family dynamics, gotta love them!

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