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Karma, Reincarnation, and Soul Contracts

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Tell your past life memories, also share your thoughts about karma, reincarnation, and soul contracts.

Walk-in Stories

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Do you believe that you are a walk-in? Do you know why you chose this life path? Tell about your soul's journey entering a body that was previously inhabited by another soul. Has the transition been difficult for you?

Soul Agreements

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Do you feel you were engaged in a soul agreement with another person prior to your incarnation? What types of obligations or responsibilities does your spiritual contract detail? How has your soul agreement worked out for you? Have you and the other person or persons who partnered with you in the agreement been able to stay in step with the original plan? Do tell!

Regression Therapy Sessions

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Have you ever undergone a past life regression with a trained hypnotherapist? Was your journey into past life experiences a positive one? Were you surprised to learn who you were in a past life? How do you feel about what you learned? 

Past Life Memories


It can be surprising to discover that you once lived as a nun, a monk, or a prostitute. Have you ever experienced past life recall? Please share your past life memory. Who were you? Also, how did you remember your previous lifetime, through a dream, past life regression, meditation, revealed by a psychic, or some other way?


From Anthony Baker, About.com Member

Do you have an unusual birthmark? Tell about its shape, coloring, and location on your body. You can also upload a birthmark photo if you like. Do you think your birthmark may have a special meaning? Some people feel birthmarks are historical markers carried forward from a previous life.

Spiritual Growth Stories

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Life's struggles, as well as our triumphs, can be catalysts for spiritual growth spurts to happen. Have you been challenged by circumstance or experienced something significant in your life that as a result made you a better person, a more loving and caring spiritual person?

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