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Top 5 Reiki Facebook Pages


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Dragonfly Reiki
Top 5 Reiki Facebook Pages

Dragonfly Reiki

About.com Readers Say:
~Extensive information regarding Reiki, Inspirational, Encourages learning and development.
~This page strives to provide fans, clients and students with information about Reiki to support their wellness and knowledge.
~Dana has quite a gift for what she does, I want to make sure people know that and if they need her services, they know they'll be getting the best!
~In addition to being a talented healer, Dana L. Young of Dragonfly Reiki, is an active participant in social media. Through her Facebook page, she communicates mindful information about Reiki, health and wellness to her followers.

Best Reiki Facebook Finalist: Dragonfly Reiki

Dana Lisa Young is a Reiki Master teacher (Shihan), trained in both Traditional Japanese Reiki (Komyo Reiki Kai) and Western Reiki (Usui/Tibetan Reiki) and the owner of Dragonfly Reiki in Atlanta, GA. She is also a certified life coach focusing on spiritual and personal development, and a writer/blogger on health, wellness, and spirituality topics.

Dragonfly Reiki is part of a larger wellness practice in Atlanta that includes a chiropractor, massage therapists, acupuncturist, and psychologist. Dana’s goal is to integrate Reiki healing along with other complementary and conventional therapies for balance and wellness. Dragonfly Reiki is committed to providing both clients and students with support and guidance – whether it is how to achieve greater well-being in daily life, or how to create a deep and fulfilling Reiki practice. The Dragonfly Reiki Facebook page is one way Dana uses social media to communicate, educate, and connect about Reiki and wellness topics. She is honored to have been voted as a finalist in the Readers’ Choice Awards!

Visit DragonFly Reiki.
Website: dragonflyreiki.net

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