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Reiki Techniques Card Deck

Heal Yourself Intuitively


This gallery showplaces an assortment of twelve cards from the Reiki Techniques Card Deck. The complete deck features a total of 46 different cards. Each card features a single healing technique that focuses on a specific area to heal or bring into balance. The front of each card depicts an image that relates to the technique chosen. On the reverse side instructions are given on how the technique is applied. Although these cards were created with the art of Reiki healing in mind, anyone can use these simple techniques. As you will notice, the colorful artwork in this card deck are simple and eye-pleasing. Similarly, the technique instructions are simple enough, making them very easy to apply. I've happily included these beautiful cards to my personal collection of favorite intuitive card decks.
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Reiki Techniques Card DeckHeal Yourself IntuitivelyAwarenessSerenity
Physical ClearingClarityResonanceInner Power
KnowledgeBalanceBad HabitsFlexibility
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