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Reiki for Babies and Toddlers

Receptivity of Children to Reiki Energies


photo of toddler receiving Reiki

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Babies and toddlers take to Reiki naturally like a fish takes to water. It is instinctual for babies and small children to be receptive to Reiki energies. Parents who are attuned to Reiki will attest to this. Reiki will spontaneously flow to their children through their palms whenever they are handling them. Reiki is readily available not only when Reiki-attuned parents are carrying their tots or rocking babies in their arms, but also when bathing them, during diaper changes, and interactive playtime.

As children grow into a toddlers and preschoolers they will want to get their Reiki treatments just like they have watched adults do. My two and a half year old grandson (shown in photo) wants his turn laying down on the massage table for his "Reiki Practitioner Mom" to give him Reiki.

Little Reiki Sponges

Conducting a Reiki session for a young child is not unlike treating an adult. The major difference is time allotted to a younger Reiki recipient. A full session for a child will be brief in comparison to a Reiki session given to an adult. Whereas a Reiki session given to an adult normally lasts 60 to 90 minutes or even longer, a child will absorb Reiki so much faster.

Children, in general are Reiki sponges, extremely receptive to soaking up the balancing energies. Young children generally do not have emotional defenses inside them that adults often do. Blockages and imbalances slow the flow of Reiki energies... and normally children's energies are less incumbered by energy blocks.

And, of course, a toddler's body is significantly smaller in comparison to an adult body, so the practitioner will have less area to cover in their hand placements.

All Done!

When giving toddlers Reiki take cues from the children themselves. Either through their words or their actions you will be given inclinations when the time is right to end the session. They may speak "all done" when they ARE all done. OR, you will notice that they are getting restless or anxious when they have absorbed enough energies. Ten to fifteen minutes is likely all that will be needed.

Womb Reiki

The most beneficial component of using Reiki during pregnancy is that it is safe. Reiki does no harm, only good... learn about Reiki during pregnancy

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