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Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a combination of two Japanese words REI and KI meaning Universal Life Energy. Assortment of educational resourse. Community oriented and healer networking sites have been organized here for this ancient laying-on of hands healing art.
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About Reiki - Frequently Asked Questions - Reiki FAQ
Informative list of questions and answers about Reiki, an ancient energy-based healing modality.

Reiki Healing
Hub of Reiki articles including the basics, classroom information, techniques, top books, and more.

Reiki Resources
About Healing reference page of Reiki resources.

Basic Reiki Hand Placements for Self Treatment
Instructional photographs demonstrating hand placements for conducting a Reiki treatment.

Reiki Hand Placements For Treating Others
Instructional photographs demonstrating hand placements for conducting a Reiki treatment.

First Degree Reiki Class Syllabus
Reiki Class Outline for Reiki Level I Initiation

Usui Reiki Symbols
There are five symbols used in the Usui Reiki attunement process. The first four of the five symbols are also used when Reiki treatments (both hands-on and absentia) are being done. Reiki sacred symbols have traditionally shrouded with mystery and secrecy. The symbols do not hold any special power in of themselves. The symbols were devised as...

Top 5 Reiki Myths
Reiki teachings were taught by word of mouth for many years in Canada and the United states before older texts surfaced and new books were written. It is no wonder the truth has gotten jumbled up.

Using Teddy Bears as Reiki Surrogates
Reiki Level II practitioners are taught how to use surrogates as a focusing tool when sending Reiki long distance.

Reiki Circles by Region
Find a Reiki circle to attend in your area.

Book Review - The Everything Reiki Book
Reader Review - The Everything Reiki Book: Channel Your Positive Energy to Reduce Stress, Promote Healing, and Enhance Your Quality of Life

Best in Reiki - 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Awards
Four awards for the Reiki community, best books, music, and social media personalities.

Reiki is NOT a Religion
Reiki is not a religion, nor is it based in any particular religious doctrine.

Reiki Surrogates - Experiences Sending Absentia Reiki Using a…
Share your experience or advice using a surrogate with Reiki.

Reiki Treatments Available in Hospitals
Healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics, hospices, etc.) where Reiki treatments are available for their patients.See submissions

Reiki Symbol Stories
Reiki practitioners share stories and personal experiences when working with the Reiki symbols.

Reiki in Hopsitals by Region
Find a Reiki circle to attend in your area.

What My Reiki Session Was Like
Review testimonials from people who have experienced receiving a Reiki treatment. Find out why they sought out Reiki and whether or not they were satisfied with their therapy session. Read advice offered from personal perspectives or give your Reiki testimonial. See submissions

Gassho Ritual
Learn the purpose of performing the Gassho Ritual prior to giving a Reiki treatment.

Reiki Creed
Just for today...

Why I Love Reiki - Tell Us Why You Love Reiki
Find out why everyone loves Reiki. Also tell why you love Reiki.

Reiki Blogs
Add your Reiki blog for indexing. Share information about you and your Reiki blog. See submissions

Reiki Blogs - Best Five Reiki Blogs
Reiki Blogs - Best Five Reiki Blogs

Reiki Attunement Stories
Reiki practitioners share the details of their personal attunement stories.

Reiki Practitioner Tools
Pendulums, Reiki timer, Reiki symbols, and other select tools specifically meant for Reiki healers.

Reiki Techniques Card Deck
Reiki Techniques Card Deck - Heal Yourself Intuitively. Image Gallery

Reiki Charged Crystal Used in Surgery
Reiki energies can help promote healing pre-op, during surgery, and post-op.

What is a Reiki Healing Tower?
The practice of tower healing in involves a group effort with healers concentrating beams of Reiki energies on a specific area.

Reiki Teddy Bears
Teddy bears can be used as surrogates for conducting absentia Reiki treatments.

Applying Reiki In Rush Hour
Basic instructions for carrying out a quick Reiki treatment.

Conducting Intentional Reiki Pre-Treatments
Conducting a preliminary absentia healing helps to ready the client's receptivity to Reiki energies when he arrives for his in-person session.

Reiki Associations
Directory of Reiki Associations and Organizations. Snail mail addresses, phone numbers and email.

Cancer - Fatigue - Reiki Therapy Study
Reiki Therapy won out as the best method over rest for reducing fatigue and improving quality of life.

Reiki VS Healing Touch
Similarities and Differences: Opinions shared by individuals trained in both of these energy medicine modalities.

Reiki is NOT a Massage Therapy
Dispelling the myth that Reiki is a massage.

Reiki Word Search Game
Reiki students and teachers alike will enjoy playing this word search game using terms associated with Reiki.

Projecting Reiki Energies into Past and Future
Reiki energies can be transmitted into the future as well as into the past.

Magical Reiki Experience
A Reiki practitioner shares his "magic experience" when conducting a Reiki session with one of his clients.

Beautiful Reiki Websites
Gallery of screenshots of Reiki Web sites which are especially eye-appealing.

Angel Touch Reiki
This site explores a modality which combines two different energies for a complete spiritual transformation.

Is Reiki safe for a pregnant woman?
Who benefits when Reiki is given during pregnancy, the mother, the baby, or both?

Reiki Information Center
Terry Moore emailed me and asked that I review his girlfriend Teri's Reiki website. Thank You Terry for the invitation.....and thank you Teri....for a page that is pleasing to the eye as well as informative. Your Reiki One Site......is number 1.

Reiki and Past Lives
Reiki can be used to clear away or lighten emotional baggage accumulated during life's journey.

Reiki Haiku
Japanese poetry with a Reiki theme. Read a few, write your own.

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