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What is the Grinberg Method?

Body Awareness


What is the Grinberg Method?

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The Grinberg Method was developed by a reflexologist named Avi Grinberg. Avi opened the first school of The Grinberg Method in the late 1980’s in Israel. The Grinberg method is a body awareness technique used to heal the whole person. It combines methodologies from foot reflexology, acupressure, breathwork, deep tissue massage, Sufi dance, and the martial arts to treat acute conditions, chronic pain, and emotional issues.

Benefits of Grinberg Method include:

  • Increases vitality
  • Improves flexibility
  • Quiets mind
  • Releases fears
  • Break free from limiting patterns
Basic concepts of the Grinberg method are outlined in Avi Grinberg's book Fear, Pain and Some Other Friends.
More Info: www.grinbergmethod.com
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