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Trew Believers Pendulum Charts - Best Healer Tool Finalist


Trew Believers Pendulum Charts
pendulum charts

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Trew Believers Life Guiding Pendulum Charts is among the five finalists for Best Healer Tool Award in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards recognizing excellence in the holistic healing community.

Kathy Trew says:

I live on Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. The creation of my pendulum charts is the story of my healing. The information and guidance I gained from using these charts facilitated shining light on the issues as well as getting them shifted. The charts offer loving and compassionate guidance as well as a insightful cheering squad. I offer online workshops/readings/energy healing and Spiritual mentoring. Trewbelievers Pendulum Charts are an Intuitive tool used to connect to your Higher Self, Guides, or Inner Wisdom.

The charts have been encoded with intuited symbols to aid in connecting to your Higher Self/Inner Wisdom or Guides (however you know them). Each chart has two circles that the pendulum is held over, you ask your question and the pendulum will circle around, then swing over to an aspect of your answer (if not the answer). Trew Believers Pendulum Charts connects and reads your energy then shows you different aspects of what needs to be done in order for an energy shift to take place. Also how much you/others are effected by this. The really great aspect is that now you will be given your personalized coaching that you can come back to to check your progress. It is like having an Angel in your pocket!

Kathy's response to my question:

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a significant way?

Time spent with your soul is not wasted! When you learn to connect and trust your Intuition you will help change not only yourself,those around you but the world as well. Intuition is our connection to Spirit.

Kathy's message to our readers:

I ask and allow the Divine to ground, protect, guide and heal me. I willingly let go of what no longer works for me and I welcome that which does. It is in the attitude of sharing and giving that the miracles happen. In the spirit of sharing I have enclosed this pdf of the Introduction Chart for you to pass on in any way as long as I still get the credit for making it. There will be a chart study guide available on the net soon. Till then follow the instructions on the side. This chart in itself is invaluable. Have a look at some of the others. I have 45 that will eventually get on the net.

Kathy can be reached at:

Web Site: trewbelievers.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TrewBelievers

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