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The Energy Garden - Best Holistic Healing Etsy Shop Finalist


The Energy Garden
The Energy Garden - Best Holistic Healing Etsy Shop Finalist

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Marcy Pendergast and her shop, The Energy Garden, featuring gorgeous metaphysical, Reiki, chakra and yoga jewelry designs is among the five finalists for the Best Holistic Healing Etsy Shop Award. This category is new to the Readers' Choice Awards this year, the competition was fierce to make it to the top five. Congratulations Marcy!

Marcy says:

I am a quiet, country girl living with my awesome husband in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. Deer Creek meanders through our beautiful forrested acreage and I know that I'm very blessed to live in this special place.

I've been learning about Reiki and Metaphysical Energy for about 15 years now. I began to study alternative healing modalities in an effort to heal myself from toxic overload due to work related chemical exposure as well as physical injuries from overworking my body.

I started learning about nutrition, diet and herbal therapies to cleanse and purify my physical system. I changed to a vegetarian diet and recently started growing my own organic fruits and vegetables. My husband and I have found that we love to garden!

Then I moved on to "Touch for Health" and "Reiki" in an effort to understand Metaphysical Energy and it's effect on our bodies as well as our souls. I continue to learn as I've incorporated "Yoga" and "Meditation" into my daily practice for balance, peace and inner guidance. These things keep me on path as I move forward in life.

A jeweler for over 20 years, my designs reflect the ancient symbols of power and healing that are so a part of my life now. My hope is that these ancient teachings will help others to find empowerment as well as inner peace and harmony within themselves. These beautiful jewelry designs are meant to be personalized with meaningful "gemstones" and "inscriptions" that uplift the soul then shared as loving gifts for both yourself and others.

Marcy's response to my question:

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a significant way?

To love is the greatest thing we can ever do in this life, to share that love is the greatest gift......

Marcy's message to our readers:

Thank you to all who nominated The Energy Garden as The Best Holistic Healing Etsy Shop!
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