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Sue Kenney - Most Inspirational Person Finalist


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Sue Kenney
Sue Kenney

Most Inspirational Person Finalists: Dr. Anjana | Jeremy Gilley | Sue Kenney | John Odlum |Lyn Thurman

Author - Pilgrim - Speaker - Coach

Winner of the Most Inspirational Person Award in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards for Holistic Healing is Sue Kenney.
(see Sue's award certificate)

What our readers say about Sue...

~Sue's life mission is to inspire others, which she does so well, with her spiritual stores about her Camino walks. She has overcome many hardships and obstacles but still finds time to help others find peace and happiness.

~Nominating her for this award for Sue's unending support of reaching out to all of us and inspiring us about the Camino de Santiago, not only as a pilgrimage, but also an opportunity for self exploration!

Sue says:

As an internationally acclaimed inspirational speaker I have spoken to over 10,000 people on the topic of leadership and living a life journey with purpose. The first book I wrote is called My Camino and it is the story of a spiritual journey I took on the Camino. It is a national bestseller and in development as a feature film by a Montreal production company. I co-wrote the script with award winning writer Bruce Pirrie. My second book is Confessions of a Pilgrim. I am the recipient of a Bravo FACT award for a short animated film called FlipBook and the Producer/Director of a feature length Camino documentary called Las Peregrinas, which was screened internationally raising over $16,000 for various causes around the world.

I wrote and performed a one-woman show called My Camino…a walking performance that was performed at the San Francisco and London Fringe Festivals. I'm also a life coach, workshop facilitator and Camino guide. I can often be seen walking barefoot and teach workshops about the healing effects of connecting with the earth.

After being suddenly downsized from my corporate telecom career, I decided to walk 780 kilometers on the medieval pilgrimage route in Spain known as the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. I went alone in the winter on a journey to discover my life purpose. It was through the people I met and the experiences I had that it became clear to me that my life work was to use my voice to tell stories to inspire people. When I returned home I became a storyteller, Canadian best selling author, filmmaker and I started coaching and guiding groups on the Camino. I have never felt more fulfilled and on purpose in my life. I believe it choose me though the only way that could happen is a choice I made to be absolutely present and surrender to facing my fear.

Sue's response to my question:

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a significant way?

The lesson I learned in life that has inspired me in a significant way is to surrender to what I cannot control. The Camino is a metaphor for a life and I followed yellow arrows that guided me to the destination point, the city of Santiago, Spain. Along the way I was presented with various lessons, experiences and stories that forced me to let go of control and allow the journey to unfold. Many of the lessons I learned on this journey I apply to my life everyday.

Sue's message to our readers:

Many thanks and blessings to Jaine Newsham who was the person who believed so strongly in my life work that she first nominated me for this award and to Silvia and Ingrid for your support too! My gratitude, love and light goes to my family, friends and people, including my Camino family, who have supported me on my journey back home.

Sue can be reached at:

Web Site: suekenney.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MyCaminoBook
Twitter: @caminoperegrina

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