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Scott K Smith - Favorite Intuitive Artist Finalist


Scott K Smith
Scott K Smith - Favorite Intuitive Artist Finalist

Intuitive Artist Finalists: Laurie Bain | Debby Kirby | Jim Pace | Scott K Smith | Tiffany Smith

Healer - Mystic - Witch - Artist

Scott K Smith is among the top five artists nominated for Favorite Intuitive Artist Award. They are being recognized in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards for their unique talents.

Scott says:

I am an artist, body and spirit therapist, Tarot Journeyman and blogger originally from Northern California and found my home and my roots in Los Angeles. I’ve lived in many places but LA pulled my heart-strings, it's here where I really began to live my life.

I've been called a spiritual landing pad and a modern shaman, to name a few, and both have tickled me in various way. In the past years I've come to consider myself within the age old traditions of spirit person, mystic, witch, or simply artist. These people were the intermediaries for the families, communities, tribes and villages throughout the histories of the people on this earth.

I like to fancy myself as one of them, in whatever unique way that I conspire to make that happen.

Like most of us today, I have an eclectic path that has wound back and forth across a spectrum of experience. My mother taught me an intuitive approach to art when I was a young child which has rooted, sprouted and spanned the width of my experience artistically. That teaching began with a small boy at a table with paper, crayons and markers, and a mother asking "how do you feel..? Okay. Draw it. Show me."

I had a brief education in graphic design and a long history in mystical studies, including Reiki, Energy Work, Light Body training and the Tarot. Most recently I graduated with a degree in Health Education and Massage.

I’m still surprised and grateful to have shown my art and been featured in a variety of forums. Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, Newark (California) and in various publications.

Scott's response to my question:

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a significant way?

Hmm this is a good question, as you know these things change depending on where we are at and what we are experiencing.

At the moment I think the most significant lesson has been to come from the heart, completely. To allow whatever it is that I receive to be expressed, softly guided, and nurtured into being. It's a relationship, sometimes you spend hours or days in this glow and other times you step away and allow things to cool off, to gain perspective, to allow for some growth.

The heart center is a place expression, experience, and connection.

I used to imagine an artist growing up as someone who planned out this masterpiece, but the further I go into my own relationship with life I feel like less the planner and more a platform, or an instrument. That I am a collaborator with the unseen.

For me I have come to realize that this type of working together, with people, spirit, life... It can only be done from the heart. The mind and body are instruments.

Scott's message to our readers:

Any consideration of this sort is a pleasure. I hope everyone enjoys the work of everyone involved in the 2013 Readers Choice Awards at Healing.About.com. If I could give a blessing or an encouragement I would ask that everyone take a moment to thank Phylameana lila Desy and her team and work for the tremendous amount of work, time, and focus it takes to continually educate, share, and retain a great center on the web. Thank you Lila, and thank you everyone for your appreciation.

Scott can be reached at:

Web Site: TheSacredOther.com
Facebook: facebook.com/TheSacredOther
Twitter: @Lifencompass

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