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Sacred Geometry Patterns - Best Healer Tool Finalist


Sacred Geometry Patterns
sacred geometry

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Sacred Geometry Patterns wins Best Healer Tool Award in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards. Congratulations Mikhaela!

Artist Mikhaela Asheena, Creator of the Sacred Geometry Patterns says:

I'm a wayshower for humanity and Mother Earth. I walked in to do this work, Sacred Geometry Patterns. With my team, Pythagoras, The Masters and Archangels, I am here to assist others on their journey to Ascension.

My awakening occurred more then 30 years ago beginning my spiritual journey. At one point I chose to work with Sacred Geometry and walked in during 1995 to complete this mission. The patterns were gifted to me in 2004.

Mikhaela's response to my question:

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a significant way?

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a signifigant way? I have learned to trust my heart, letting go of fears, doubts, and negative thinking about myself and the work. Opening myself to all the miracles that the universe has to offer, allowing the patterns to flourish.

Mikhaela's message to our readers:

In great gratitude and love, I thank all who nominated and voted for my work, Sacred Geometry Patterns as the best healer tool.

Love and Blessing,

Mikhaela can be reached at:

Sacred Geometry Etsy Shop: sacredgeometries
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mikhaela.asheena

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